Creative Intervention Projects

What matters to you in your community? What will you do to affect change?


High School Student Ambassadors serve as researchers in Youth Participatory Action Research Projects. They survey their peers, interview community members, take photos and record audio to document their findings, and develop Creative Intervention Projects to take positive action on issues that matter to them. Click through below to witness and take action! 

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Political Awareness
Mental Health
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 Domestic Violence 


How does the media represent your community? 

Has high school prepared you for life after high school? Check out High School Graduation Plan for resources!

What's the relationship between the prison system and race?

Stress, mental health issues, and more cause youth to use drugs. View the gallery below to witness this issue. 

Popular positive coping strategies: make art, be in nature, talk with a friend, exercise, breathe, dance, take a walk.

What do you do to cope?

What changes do you see happening in your community? Who is controlling those changes? What role can you play? Learn more about gentrification and take action in your local community. 

What issues affect the LGBTQ community? 

If youth in our communities don't have positive associations with the police, is there something we can do to change that?